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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice fishing on the Lake we grew up on

That's Pam under all the layers
Brian and AJ

Dave's in the fish house no picture of  him

Pam and Patty
Pam and her husband Brian went ice fishing last weekend on the lake we grew up on, Snail Lake. They loaded up their snowmobiles and became a taxi service bringing us back and forth from shore. I did not have a fishing license so my job was to skim the holes and watch for bobbers bouncing. My niece Kelly came with her boyfriend Clint. Also a neighbor Dave that lives by Pam and Brian, and a co-worker AJ. Although AJ caught the only fish, and it was a nice crappie, we all had a fun time. Thanks Pam and Brian for bringing back the fun memories of growing up on Snail Lake.

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