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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Does Your Handbag Reflect Your Personality?

 Today they are called handbags, but back in the day we called them a purse. Are they the same thing? My mother was a handbag fanatic; she had a purse for all occasions. I used to think ‘How labor intense is it to keep switching everything out of one and into another.”  She had so many she would hang them on coat hangers in her closet, I even found them under her bed. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there such a thing as a “Handbag Hoarder”?
 Recently, I attended two craft shows and I was amazed how many crafters were selling handmade hats, scarves, handbags and jewelry.  I don’t know why, but I had an “OCD” moment observing women’s handbags and I came up with four “Handbag Personality Profiles.”
Mini Handbag- Are you an organized person that only requires a wallet, car keys and cell phone? This personality is the envy of others.
Prepared Handbag- You are not clutter free but only carry items that are practical and sensible.  Tissues, hair accessories, stamps, toothbrush, dental floss and even a mini sewing kit.
Creative Handbag- You are a full function gal, you are organized, keep household bills, food, aspirin and yes, the female monthly stuff available. Everything you need can be found at the bottom of your purse.
Super Expressive Handbag- You are a caregiver with a expressive personality and have anything from chewing gum, breath mints, nail polish, perfume, books , band aids and dog treats. (I think I have seen this personality while standing in line at the grocery store watching them find their checkbook.)
Can the wrong handbag and color make or break your outfit? Is the bigger your bag mean the bigger your clutter? Finally, where does the little GEICO guy keep his wallet and cell phone?
I am the last person to be talking about handbags as I only own TWO, one for play and one for dress-up. I am thinking I need some handbag inspiration.
I want to hear from you. Which personality best fits you? How many handbags do you own and what are your favorite colors?
I like the Chick handbag.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Talk About Two Action Packed Days of Crafting

I am in need of a foot and calf massaging machine after spending two action packed days with my sister Pam and friend Dale. Friday afternoon the three of us went to Canterbury's Spring Art and Craft Festival. It was exciting for Pam as she had never been there, but I went last Fall with Dale and loved it. I hooked up with a few of the artists I have featured on my blog and the Creative Chicks Cafe website and that was exciting for me in itself. Here is a picture of us with Mona Rae Cich after our big purchase.
Patty, Mona Rae, Dale and Pam
Pam wore her "Bite Me" shirt and we both found a fun and lively booth to purchase our hats at.
Pat Surface and Patty
If my friend Dale, had a $1,000 dollars to spend, Mona Rae's shelves would have been half empty. As you can see we all purchased wonderful handmade items for our homes and gift giving. I  finally was able to meet Pat and Donna Surface from Ely Minnesota. Pat was performing on the second level and sang my favorite song for me "Hallelujah". Donna was busy on the first level in their booth selling Pat's CD's. Please check out their website again http://www.spiritwoodmusic.com/ and listen to his music.
After 5 hours of walking and viewing all of the arts and crafts, we went over to Mystic Lake Casino for dinner. The buffet was delicious! Of course we hit the quarter machines, Pam and I walked aways with money, but poor Dale made a donation.
If your not having fun, your not living life to it's fullest
On Saturday instead of shopping, Pam and I attended our second craft show held at the Maple Grove Center. It was sponsored by a non-profit organization called Women of The Day. Pam had a impressive display with her dried floral creations, but I had competition with my washcloths as five other crafters were selling them. We had a blast as you can see by this picture. Kathy Sullivan made each of us a apron to wear, and the perky hats were a added bonus to bring in the spring with bright colors. There were 100 crafters, and it was nice to see so many things were handmade. Please see my posted article on http://www.creativechickscafe.com/
Many thanks to our husband's Brian and Joe helping set up our booth and to our friends Dale, Ryan, Jenna and Jenna's mom for stopping to see the show. Check out Pam's website to see her new spring floral creations at http://www.pamelavincentcreations.com/

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today is My Birthday

Today is my birthday, and I share it with my twin sister Pam. I always remember being dressed alike, and being called "Twin" or "PatPam", because very few people could tell us apart. All of our gifts were the same, my parents wanted to keep everything fair. I always had someone to play with growing up, and we will always remain best friends. Thank you to all of my family and friends for your thoughtful birthday wishes today.
"Happy Birthday Sis" Love Pat