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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vintage Buttons from Grandma

Fall colors
Gold metal buttons
I am feeling a bit guilty since I have not blogged in a very long time. Since I have become more involved with Facebook for Creative Chicks Café, my personal page and other adventures, I have forgotten about me.
I have had a very busy year with crafting,working a fulltime job, attending art and craft shows and spending time with family.
Now, Fall is just right around the corner and I am working on new creations to sell.
Silver metal buttons
For years I had vintage buttons that belonged to my grandma sitting in an old Butternut coffee can. When my mom passed away, I received all of her sewing things, including a lot of buttons. Again, I stored them for 4 years wondering what I could do with these.
Then, I started finding jars of buttons in antique stores, I kept buying them for no apparent reason. I started "self talking" to myself- "You are becoming a button hoarder and you don't know why?" I attended art and craft show in Elk River, there I met a wonderful lady named Sherry. She had a jewelry booth and had one bracelet she was selling made from buttons. Still, I procrastinated and figured "Someday when I find time I will create vintage button bracelets."
My niece Kelly, creates beautiful bracelets and necklaces from glass beads. I helped sell her jewelry at our last Afton show in May, as she could not attend. While I was setting up her table, I thought, I can do this with my buttons, not just any old buttons, but vintage buttons.
I am excited to share with you my newest project. I love the little buggers and having a blast with my new creations.
Seashell buttons

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