Button, Button

Button, Button
Who's Got the Button

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our First Show of the Season- Hopkins Main Street Art and Craft Festival

Saturday, May 16th was my first show of the season with my twin sister Pam. I set some new goals for myself in 2015 and I call it a "New First."  Allow me to explain. The Hopkins Main Street Art and Craft Festival was a new show for us to attend. A new adventure and the first time Pam and I shared a new idea and created it together to sell.
The show was at least 6 blocks long and booths lined up down both sides of the street. Out of all the artisans that were there, I  only saw one other gal that was at the Anoka River Fest Show last year.
Pam and Patty's Button Bouquet Creations

Our booth was directly across from the Old Opera Hall and we were smack dab in the center of the town. When we first got there all we could smell was bacon in the air. Oh my goodness, our nostrils were flared to try to detect where that oh so delicious smell was coming from.
We had no time to search, our mission was to get our home of 7 hours, set up and get our wares ready for sale. In spite of the inclement weather, we met a lot of nice people whom were very complimentary of our work. Sister Pam say's "We will be returning her next year."
Thank you Hopkins, I had a wonderful day spending time with my sister Pam and my "adopted" sister Dale.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button

Does anyone know where the phrase "Button, button, who's got the button" started from? I remember playing the game in kindergarten in the 60's. On a rainy day when we could not go outside to play, so we would form a large circle with our hands out and palms together.

One kid was picked as the leader and would walk around to all the hands and secretly drop the button in your palm. The trick was to guess who had the button. Once the button owner was guessed, you would get up and start the game again. I think the teacher just had us play that game to keep us out of her hair. Of course everyone wanted to play and be leader of delivering that secret button

Welcome to my new journey of vintage button creations, button history and DIY button projects. I started collecting buttons two years ago. I get them from friends, auctions, antique stores and free, from perfect strangers with incredible stories about their family buttons. I found I had a passion for 
re-purposing "Old" buttons, just ask my husband, I have thousands and thousands of them. The dirtier the better and after I clean them they are beautiful. Each has it's own personality and I wonder "Where did they come from?". "What clothing were they on?." and "How old are they?". 
I love them all.