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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Godmother's Garden- by Pam Vincent

My Godmother's Garden
My sister Pam has created her biggest dried floral art piece ever. It is called "My Godmother's Garden" in remembrance of  Phil Savage. All of her flowers are from Pam's garden, she spends countless hours picking and pressing them. Friday, she will be entering her creation at the MN State Fair Arts competition, there are over a thousand entries. Good luck Pam, as I know you will be chosen once again, your work is beautiful and unique.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hand Prints Bring Back a Wonderful Memory

In 1984 my Dad put down a new concrete sidewalk. Before the concrete dried my niece and nephew, Stephanie and Chris placed their hand prints in it. For 27 years we admired their artwork, my Dad made it a separate section so it could be removed some day. Our parents are gone now and there home is up for sale, Pam and I wanted to surprise them and dug it up and brought it down to Redwood Falls,Mn. for our July 4th gathering at my sister Sandy's house. Stephanie is going to put their hand print keepsake in her flower garden. My Dad was always a very sentimental man. Thank you Dad for keeping so many wonderful memories alive in our hearts.
Stephanie and Chris
27 years later

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 9th Anoka Riverfest & Craft Fair

Pam and Brian in their booth
After we completed our July 4th gathering, next on the agenda was the Anoka Riverfest Craft Fair. This was the first outdoor show that Pam attended. Over 130 booths and all items were 100% handcrafted by the people in the booth. Pam did very well selling many of her dried floral art pieces, over a 1,000 people came through her booth. Pam was so excited she never left her post, and we had to bring her food. Speaking of food, I had one of the greatest pronto dogs ever. Okay, I ate two. We were very proud of Pam, she worked so hard to get her work ready for this show. Thank you to my family and friends that came to support Pam and Brian.
The Mob
Marit and Sandy
Pam's booth
Jerry, Matthew and Pam

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My July is Flying By

My Family
In spite of the abundance of rain and hot weather we have endured so far in July, my siblings have been keeping me very busy with family activities. My brother Jerry, his wife Marit and my nephew Matthew visited for two weeks from California and arrived on July 2nd. We spent July 4th at my sister Sandy's house in Redwood Falls.

It was nice to have a sibling photo again so we could all see how old we are getting. When I say OLD, I have a nephew Chris, who is 35 years old and has 4 sons, that makes me feel old.
Jerry rounding for home
Marit and Matthew
CeCe's 1st Birthday
Siblings with Spouses
We played a mean game of croquet and let Jerry win because he was from "out of town." Don and Michele were too busy chasing baby CeCe  around so there was no sibling rivalry game. We were stuffed from eating so much food, everyone brought a dish to share. Sandy created her jello flag desert, notice in the picture my famous deviled eggs. Richard made fantastic burgers on the grill. Although we were short 2 cousins, we also had a great "Cousins" picture. We had a wonderful time, and I want to thank my sister Sandy for making it all possible. My story continues..... stay tuned for my next blog posting.

Sandy's desert