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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Minnesota Button Nice

Vicki Slagle
Meet Vicki Slagle, she saw my button creations in Afton, MN at the school house for Strawberry Festival in June. Vicki emailed me and said; " I have my great grandma's buttons and she died in 1963, I want you to have them".  What a wonderful lady and so thoughtful of her to take time out of her day to come back to meet with me. Vicki is a shining example of "Minnesota Nice".She loved a bracelet I made from bone buttons from the 1920's and it looked awesome on her wrist. She wants to meet Kate Sullivan at the Old School Art Studio in Afton and come back for art classes with a friend. What an awesome day.
Her great grandmother's tins were full of beautiful old buttons. After washing them all in Dawn dish soap and gently drying, they were absolutely beautiful.
These are a couple of button projects i created with some of the buttons.
Thank you Vicki, I am forever grateful.

Button Bucket
A gift for my sisters grandson
Button, button

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